Guella Is:

Dan Photo
Dan McGivern
Taylor Photo
Taylor Garland
Keyboards and Vocals
Wes Photo
Jeff Hunt
Bass and Vocals
David Photo
David Taus
Guitar and Vocals

About the Music

Four San Francisco-based musicians, all pulling in slightly different directions, find dynamic equilibrium in Guella. Guella's music, while technically sophisticated, remains incredibly catchy and instantly likeable. Guella successfully combines skillful songwriting, polished arrangements, intelligent lyrics, and literate musicianship with the adventurous narrative of improvisation, simultaneously giving listeners a groove that they will be dancing to as soon as they first hear it and a song they will be singing to themselves for days and weeks to come.

Even with such a successful musical recipe, Guella is far from formulaic onstage. The band will handily leap away from painstakingly crafted compositions and into the great musical unknown, composing on the spot. Guella's improvisation constantly leaves fans (and often themselves) baited in the live setting, with band and audience alike wondering exactly what will happen next. And the band wouldn't have it any other way.

Guella manages to transcend the broad genres that the music industry loves to employ and that music lovers love to ignore. The band can seamlessly slide from smooth lounge jazz to grimy overdriven rock, complex progressive compositions to simple soulful harmonies, or straightforward folk-based songwriting to DJ-influenced dance grooves in the course of a set. Taken in all at once, Guella's music covers so much of the modern musical landscape that it can't help but defy labels and exceed expectations. The results are nothing short of delightful.

Guella's music is simultaneously familiar and new; they manage to put a unique jazz/groove flavored twist on the standard rock and pop formulas that makes them at once a band for the masses and musicians that musicians will dig. Drawing from a musical palette that includes sweet vocal harmonies, vintage tone, up-for-it rhythm, and delicate instrumental interplay, Guella offers up something appealing for all music lovers. “This,” says one fan, “is music worth spending some time getting to know more personally.”

About the Band

The seeds for Guella were planted when Taylor (keyboards) and David (guitar) met in the spring of 2008. The duo quickly discovered common musical roots as they worked on crafting songs together. In the fall of the same year, David left his previous band and turned his full musical attention to collaborating with Taylor, who had just returned from a series of workshops and master classes with some of the most innovative and well-known jazz musicians currently performing. Guella coalesced formally in October of 2008, and David reunited with longtime musical collaborator and hometown friend Jeff (bass) in April of 2009. Guella's most recent evolution involved bringing in Dan McGivern (drums) in the winter of 2011.

Before forming Guella, David, Taylor, Dan, and Jeff have fronted, played in, and recorded with various bands and musical ensembles ranging from straight ahead jazz combos to alternative rock outfits, classic rock cover bands to funk rhythm sections. The band, collectively, has years of gigging and recording experience under their belts at many professional levels. In its first few months, Guella worked up a repertoire of over 30 original compositions and as many covers, played steadily on stages all over the Bay Area - often to crowds of hundreds - and recorded a professional quality EP. In September, 2010, Guella released their debut self-titled album on iTunes and Amazon and gigged heavily in the Bay Area in support of it. This, however, is only the beginning. Guella is well prepared and poised to make an indelible impression on the Bay Area's music scene in the very near future.